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Oasis Former Frontman Liam Gallagher Called Coachella “Pathetic”

Liam Gallagher called Coachella a "Pathetic festival"
Liam Gallagher called Coachella a “Pathetic festival”

The former frontman of Oasis, Liam Gallagher has called Coachella a “pathetic” festival.
The singer is quite open and forwards about his opinion; again this time, he is not afraid of being vocal about the California festival. Coachella kicked off last weekend and in style.
One of the Twitter users suggested to him, “Go headline Coachella for the frank ocean and show him how it’s done LG.” He gave a short reply “pathetic festival”.
When another Twitter user asked him “Babes you’ve played there.” He replied, “Never wouldn’t catch me at an establishment like that.”
Another user chimed into the comment section with images of Gallagher at the Coachella while Oasis, his former band headlined with Björk in 2002.
Coachella started with a bang on its first weekend. Performers like Weeknd, Lisa, BlackPink, Bad Bunny, and Frank Ocean amazed the fan. On the other hand, artists like Ali Sethi, Diljit Dosanjh and many others debuted on the stage this year. The 1st phase of the festival is over.
Moreover, Blink 182 reunited with their first gig on the Coachella stage. On the other hand, another comeback made by the Pop punkers won the hearts of the audience. All Small Things played a set of 18 songs which included classic tracks like ‘Anthem pt.2’, ‘What’s My Age Again’, and ‘The Rock Show’.
However, it has set new expectations and enthusiasm for the last instalment of the festival, to happen this weekend. All are eager to see their favourite musicians. Those who can’t make it live can watch Coachella 2023 on the YouTube channel of the festival.
So, stay tuned and updated on all the latest stories of Coachella 2023 with Global Music Times, as we are quick to inform you of all informative details of the Festival.

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