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Beyoncé In Chicago: Soldier Field Packed With Beyhive Fans For Her ‘Renaissance’ Tour

Beyoncé Renaissance Tour
Beyoncé Renaissance Tour

Soldier Field was rocking Saturday night when Beyoncé hit the stage for the first time as part of her Renaissance Tour.

For much of Saturday afternoon, ticketholders had gathered outside the gates, dressed in their most colourful Beyoncé-esque attire.

The majority of the Beyhive came from outside the city. So far, ABC7 has interviewed folks from Nebraska, Florida, Michigan, and others.

Beyoncé is returning to Chicago for the first time since 2018. She’ll be performing two gigs on Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets for resale are still available. Two seats together can cost as little as $200 each ticket on the low end and as much as $3,000 or more per ticket on the high end.

Some fans claimed to have tickets to both Chicago shows, making it the most memorable weekend ever.

Nonetheless, Beyoncé’s tour is not the only fascinating event taking place in Chicago this weekend.

Some fans who have enjoyed her concert live have shared their experience on various social media platforms.

A fan shared, “I’m so excited, we have been waiting for this since February, and we’ve been talking about it, planning for it and everything, and it’s finally here.”

The North Side is gripped by Women’s World Cup fervour, with a viewing party taking place outside Wrigley Field. The United States women’s football team is attempting a three-peat versus Vietnam in their first match.

Classical music fans are enjoying a night of stirring melodies beneath a canopy of blue framed against the cityscape in Millennium Park.

In Union Park, the city is also hosting the Pitchfork Music Festival. Taste of Lincoln Avenue is a neighbourhood event, and the Race to Mackinac begins on the lake on Sunday morning. Competitors have been preparing for the July classic from coast to coast.

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