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Pakistani Singer Ali Sethi Sings Pasoori with Raja Kumari At Coachella 2023

Ali Sethi with Raja Kumari

Pakistani singer Ali Sethi and Indian American singer Raja Kumari set fire to the stage as they performed at the Coachella Musical and Art Festivals 2023.
Their electrifying performances were loved by their fans.
On Sunday, the most trending singer from Pakistan, Ali Sethi shared some videos and images from the set of Coachella. Sethi also revealed some glimpses of his green room. He clicked pictures with Raja Kumari before the show began. The Coachella audiences are seen dancing to the melodic beats of the song ‘Pasoori’.
‘Pasoori’ has more than half a billion views on YouTube. It was the most trending song across social media, specifically in the South Asian region. Raja Kumari jammed with the Pasoori singer and created an amazing performance on the Coachella stage.
The singer also recalls the moments of hearing statements “You are a Pakistani, and India and Pakistan are at war. So now we can’t really put up a billboard saying we’re working with you because extremists will set fire to our building”.
Nonetheless, audiences showed their love for the singer and supported him throughout his performance.
About his song, he said, “Of course, the theme of prohibition is such an eternal theme in the South Asian love songs: all true love is prohibited.”
After his performance, he said, what we can’t do over there, we can do over here, all kinds of forbidden love represented here today.”
Recently Diljit Dosanjh created history by becoming the first Indian Punjabi singer to have performed at Coachella. Diljit was greeted by the audience with a thunderous yell. Even the American DJ and music producer Diplo was seen to be enjoying the performance of Dosanjh. Viewers can check the details from the news Global Music Times has covered on Dosanjh.

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