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Can AI Music Creator Ruin Organic Music and Musicians?

Potential of ai music creator
AI Music Creator Potential

With the advent of AI music creators like Soundraw or Beatoven, and writing tools like ChatGPT by Open AI or Bard by Google, the question is genuine. Can ai music creator destroy the organic music and careers of organic musicians.?

Before we go ahead with this whole concept of Music and AI, we need to realize that AI is now just a kid but still is better than human beings in many aspects. So, when it reaches adulthood how intelligent and powerful it will be is still unpredictable. The question if AI can kill the organic way of composing music is still unanswerable.

A lot of changes will occur through artificial intelligence in the coming future and music is not exempt. Many artists, especially those who arrived new to the industry have already shifted to a computer or AI-generated music. If you use music streaming platforms, you just might have realized that those platforms have already changed the way we listened to music. With highly personalized playlists and suggestions it has already understood how and what we like to consume.

AI music creator can replace manually played instruments:

One of the positive and negative things about AI is it can understand possibilities and create opportunities. It understands patterns very well. An AI can create an endless combination of tunes and rhythms. By the time, a human mind can start making music, an AI has already made hundreds. How good they will be or how competitive they will be to man-made music is still a matter of time to know.  

Impacts of ai music creator
Impacts of AI Music Creator

AI can create more subgenres and genres:

How many genres do you know? How many combinations can you create using two or three or 4 genres and subgenres? AI can create genres and subgenres that human minds have not explored yet. They can produce songs that were unimaginable to humans. It has the potential to extend the boundaries of music.

 If you ask Artificial Intelligence to create music that has the genres of Rock, pop, and Hip-hop, it can not only give you results but also some alternative options. Software like ai music creator is doing the same thing. You can search on Google and get a few results too.

AI can omit the problem ‘Writer’s Block’

In songwriting, writers have to face writer’s block often. Well, AI will never say that I am fed up with writing music. Now I need some rest. Unless it has already created millions within the last few minutes. The AI learns from its own algorithms, save them as data, and then uses them to make fusions with others. While tools like ChatGPT have already proved their potential to create poetry and lyrics on many topics. He can play with his creative intelligence tirelessly. And that is its potential.

AI can kill organic instruments:

Many intellectuals have predicted that instrumentalists are going to lose their jobs to ai-generated music. Already at a concert, a live playing orchestra are not seen easily as music is played in the background. When AI will appear in music, it will play on its own to provide background support to the vocalist.

So, one of the biggest questions is- will the organic instruments like guitar, piano, and flutes completely disappear from the music scene?” For us, it is too early to decide as little we know about AI’s potential in creating music. But we would love to know what your view is. You can share in the comment section.

Concerns are real but fear is not the solution:

See, AI has put some potential risks on musicians. As its quality of producing music can determine its potential of replacing music artists. Maybe in the next 10 years, we will be listening to songs that are bereft of human creativity: completely artificial.

AI, on the one hand, is helping musicians create music, on the other hand making them more dependent on it. This can be even more dangerous if people find AI as a shortcut to success in the music industry because this is where the domination begins.

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