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Nick Jonas Reveals Jonas Brothers’ Tour Strategy at U.S. Army’s ‘Salute to Summer’

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has always held a special place in his heart for the military because several members of his family, notably his grandfather Gerald Miller, gave their lives in service to the country.

Because of this, the superstar leapt at the chance to perform as the headlining act for NBCUniversal’s Salute to Summer musical event at Universal Studios Hollywood, which also honoured the U.S. Army with a number of physical challenges and unique installations that encourage spectators to push themselves to the limit.

“I’m so grateful to celebrate in the setting of the concert to kick things off, but I also love the ideology behind all this to inspire young people to be the absolute best they can be and find opportunities within the ecosystem of the military to find themselves,” According to Jonas, who will perform at the event, it will be streamed on Peacock commencing on Friday, July 7.

While the Jonas Brothers’ most recent album, The Album, has just been released, Nick says he likes to occasionally perform solo songs “to keep it fresh,” like in the case of Salute to Summer.

Nick was still excited to think back on the siblings’ most recent album, which was released back in May and peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

“Our experiences have grown quite a bit, and the biggest one of those is the lessons of parenthood,” said Jonas.

“I think ‘Waffle House’ does a good job of teeing up what built the foundation for us as a family to be able to have open, honest communication, even in tough moments.”

He added, “ That’s something I think all of us want to bring into the way we build our families and I’m so thrilled with the reaction to that song and the people really resonating with the message of the song and what it means for them.”

Everyone in the group, according to Jonas, is genuinely excited about the idea of challenging themselves to remember all the songs and look back on the past in a happy and joyous way.

They want it to signal the start of their new phase rather than feel overly sentimental or like a self-congratulatory farewell. With intentions to tour abroad, most likely in the first few months of the next year, they all feel ready to perform concerts for their fans in the United States.

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