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Taylor Swift Dublin tickets: Clever trick to check your exact number in Eras Tour Ticketmaster queue

Taylor Swift Dublin Tickets
Taylor Swift The Eras Tour

When trying to purchase tickets in the Ticketmaster queue, one Taylor Swift fan provided a brilliant tip for finding out precisely where you are in the queue.

The information is useful and timely because thousands of Swift fans are anticipated to try to get tickets for The Eras Tour’s Dublin dates next week.

Because of the anticipated high demand, Ticketmaster is urging customers to register in order to purchase tickets for the general sale.

When the Lover singer extended her tour last month, the internet went into turmoil, and now there is a ticket battle for one of the most anticipated tours of 2024.

In June and August of next year, the artist will perform in Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff, Dublin, and London. This follows her wildly successful The Eras Tour, which traversed North America.

Many US supporters have been sharing their triumphs to support their fellow international followers in the run-up to the ticket sales the following week.

One fan, Sonia, posted on her TikTok page how she handled her patience and perception while in queue for the US tour at Ticketmaster.

She explains to her fellow Swifties in the video that they can check their position in the online queue even though the Ticketmaster queue indicates that there are “2,000+” persons in queue.

“You’ll right-click on your computer, select inspect, and this side tab will appear,” she said.

“Then you’re gonna go to ‘network’ and then search the word ‘status’ and you have to click on ‘preview’, ‘ticket’, and it says my number and my expected wait time.”

Fans’ Reaction To The Taylor Swift Tickets’ Trickmaster on TikTok

One fan said: “So cool, thank you.”

Another said: “That’s incredible.”

Sonia’s ‘amazing’ trick was hailed by many viewers in the comments section of her TikTok video, which has already gotten thousands of likes.

When a user asked what would happen if they set the queue number on the side tab to 1, Sonia replied, “not to mess with it.”

All registrants will receive an email today, July 5, letting them know if they were selected for the onsale or added to the waitlist.

A purchasing link and access code will be sent to those who were chosen through SMS on Wednesday, July 12, the day before tickets go on sale.

The Dublin shows’ tickets will be available starting at 10 a.m. on Thursday, July 13.

Pre-sales for the Dublin gigs will start on Tuesday, July 11 at 10 a.m.

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