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Lizzo Celebrated Her Birthday With A Cheeky Threat For Her Fans


Lizzo on Stage
Lizzo on Stage

Yesterday (27th April), Lizzo turned 35. She chose a cheeky path to celebrate her birthday; wished herself on her social media page. The highly energetic and confident singer and songwriter had always done things differently in all aspects of her life.
Lizzo wrote on Instagram, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZZO” with a video that captures her blowing out candles on a marbled cake for her birthday. She even went harder on her TikTok and wrote, “IF 26.9 MILLION PEOPLE DONT WISH ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY IM QUITTING.”
She shared the same video on her Tik Tok account with her 2022 song attached “Birthday Girl” to it. Her voice sings with glee, “Is it your birthday, girl?/ ‘Cause you lookin’ like a present.” The hitmaker made the song for her birthday so she used it and it also marked the official beginning of Taurus Season 2022.

The singer’s friends from the singing fraternity flocked into the comment section and wished her for her birthday. Even her younger sister Halle Bailey echoed birthday wishes in her own style.
The designer and singer celebrate her day from the road as she is on her way for another trek in North America. She is there to support her album Special released in 2022. Lizzo has used the tour to protest against the LGBTQ+ laws in Tennessee.
Another honest side of Lizzo is her activist side. She is open and active enough to protest against things if she finds them an injustice to a community. She does it open-heartedly and so her fans love her too much.

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