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Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos in 2023

YouTube has been a major part of our lives last two decades. Back in 2005, it was very difficult to run videos on YouTube as the internet was slow and videos on YouTube were heavy enough to load. But over the past two decades, the internet and YouTube have evolved a lot.From entertainment to education, YouTube has turned up as a free medium to pass the time and learn things. This article will throw light on the 10 most popular videos on YouTube. One of the important aspects of making this list of the top 10 most viewed youtube videos on YouTube is to know what audiences watch the most on YouTube. So, without any further ado, let’s check out the list.      

#10 “Learning Colors – Colorful Eggs on a Farm” by Miroshka TV

Views: 4.8 billion+

#10 Learning Colors – Colorful Eggs on a Farm

I hope it is not surprising for you to know that more than 45% of the content on YouTube is oriented toward kids. Yes, kids are the most active audiences on YouTube, or maybe their parents have made them so. In this most viewed youtube vidoes list, #10 is ‘Learning Colors’. It is a musical video with cool and kiddish graphics that teach children to recognize colours.

 The 5’11’’ video is cool, entertaining, and funny for kids. It engages them all together and teaches them some basics. It has more than 4.8 billion views over the past five years and 13 million likes on YouTube.

#9 Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson :

Views: 4.8billion+:

#9 Uptown Funk

Released almost 9 years back, the song continues to rise the number of viewers. The madness of the song has still remained. The music video bagged Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 58th Grammy Awards. In 2023, the song still rules the hearts of billions of people.

Uptown Funk features Bruno Mars who played a stunning role in its success. It has got more than 20 million likes on YouTube.

#8 “Wheels on the Bus” by Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes

Views: 5.1 billion+

#8 Wheels On The Bus

Six out of ten videos on the top 10 most viewed youtube videos are for kids. It is a musical video for toddlers written by Verna Hills. In a musical manner, the song teaches the usefulness of different parts of a bus. The popular nursery rhyme actually increases the excitement of travelling in kids. Kids can hear the hum of the sound of the song while they actually travel or you can play the song to keep your child engaged and energized for travel.

The video has been 4 years old and cross 5 billion views and 14 million likes on YouTube. Would you prefer to watch this nursery rhyme with your kids?

#7 Phonics Song with Two Words” by ChuChu TV

Views: 5.24 billion+

#7 Phonics Song

A-Z nursery rhyming: you can get the same type of multiple videos on YouTube. What is so special about that? Well, it is special because of the synchronization between the rhyming and the screenplay of the video. Children understand every verse through its visuals. It visualizes what it speaks. Children can learn to see, compare, imagine and speak through this video.

This is the reason why it has got more than 5 billion views and millions of likes on YouTube.

#6 See You Again by Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth:

Views: 5.8 billions+

#6 See You Again

Dedicated to Paul Walker and used in the movie Fast Furious 7, the song is one of the favourite songs of all music lovers. It was a heartfelt tribute to the late Fast and Furious star Paul Walker who died in a car accident. It also features Charlie Puth who sang the rendition- “It’s been a long day without my friend/ I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again”.

The song has gained more than 5.8 billion views on YouTube and stands sixth in YouTube’s top 10 most popular videos. 

#5 Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran:

Views: 5.96 billion+

#5 Shape Of You

The song commences the rise of a new superstar Ed Sheeran. The pop culture in his voice finds a new direction to rhythm and beats. Part of his 2017 chartbuster album Divide the song became contagious within a few days of its release and spread worldwide. Across social media, people shared their love for its groove.

Later, ‘Think Out Loud’ and ‘Perfect’ also became #18 and #28 most watched videos on YouTube. But they could not beat the records of ‘Shape Of You’. The music video ranks #5 with 5.96 billion views in the most viewed videos on YouTube.

#4 ‘Bath Song’ by Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes

Views: 6.12 billion+

#4 Bath Song

Another Cocomelon nursery rhyme in the list of YouTube’s most watched videos. The song is a bath song and teaches toddlers about bathing rituals. The tune is the same as in ‘Baby Shark’ that everyone has listened to by now.

The bathing tutorial video for toddlers has been watched more than 6.12 billion times on YouTube and has been liked by 16 million people. Hence it is at number 4 in the top 10 most viewed youtube videos list.

#3 ‘Johny Johny Yes Papa’ by LooLoo Kids

Views: 6.68 billion+

#3 Johny Johny Yes Papa

In A Tale of Lies and Sugar, the song is again famous among kids. It depicts some cute moments between a toddler and his father. A very notorious kid reaches the kitchen and gets inside to find sugar where his father catches him.

The length of the video is just 1’41’’. So, here it is with more than 6.68 billion views on YouTube and has received 19 million likes on the channel.

#2 Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

Views: 8.13 billion+

#2 Despacito

It might be the only song of 2016 that ruled the hearts of music lovers. It ruled YouTube as the #1 position for four consecutive years and got dethroned by the current #1 in the list. However, it is the most viewed music video and song so far on YouTube. In 2022, it crossed the 10 billion views mark and became the first song to do that.

The craze of the song has reduced a bit but the views are still increasing. So, far the official music video itself has received 8.13 billion views.

#1 ‘Baby Shark Dance’ by Pinkfong

Views: 12.66 Billion+

#1 Baby Shark

Many of you may not know it but have certainly heard it somewhere- maybe on reels, kids’ school, play school, or your child humming. The song has no words to describe it. It has a way ahead of Despacito in numbers. The most watched youtube video has reached 12.66 billion views so far, and anthem of children and childhood. So, let’s sing along to ‘Baby Shark Do, do-do-do-do….’

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