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BTS Rapper Suga Kicks Off his Debut Solo Tour AT UBS Arena, New York

BTS Suga starts his solo tour at New York
BTS Suga starts his solo tour in New York

UBS Arena, NYC, April 27: BTS member Suga’s first solo tour started literally with a bang. The UBS Arena started the evening with the graphics of raindrops in the background with the sound of showers and explosive pyro jolts.
The attractive beginning of the show is a reminiscence of the BTS member’s motorcycle accident during his trainee days.
A video played on a screen that vividly depicted Suga lying on a rain-soaked street and visions of past and future cut his body. Then he entered the stage and the lights went dim people went mad and loud. It approved of the truth that they waited so long for that moment,
Amidst the dramatic stage setting Suga entered stage carried by some dancers who laid him back on the stage exactly how audiences just saw him on screen. Suddenly, the setting became mysterious as some traditional instruments reverberated in the backdrop. Then the first note came ‘Haeguem’ and he instantly accelerated his energy.
In an interview with a renowned media house, Suga told, “I dare say it’ll be a totally different tour from previous BTS tours and a tour beyond what everyone can imagine.”
The solo performance of Suga was different from the group concerts of BTS. Suga is a showman so the stage was built for his magnetic and highly energetic performance. It was unlike any other stage people have ever seen. The stage had 9 division panels. All lift up to the ceiling one by one as the shows go on. The space he jumps on diminishes every removal and reveals a new prop.
He played songs like “D-Day is coming, it’s a fucking good day,” ‘Cypher pt.4’, ‘UGH!’, fans’ favourite ‘Ddaeng’ and others. In a word, its performance of Suga lived up to what fans imagined and even brought some elements that they never imagined.

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