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The Jonas Brothers To Begin 35-Date Summer Tour

Jonas Brothers Begins North American Tour
Jonas Brothers Begin North American Tour

The Jonas Brothers have announced their upcoming tour. They will be performing five of their albums each night during their upcoming North American tour. This concept was motivated by the success of their recent Broadway resident. They performed one album in full each night of their tour.
Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas have decided to take this concept further. They will be performing five of their albums in full during The Tour. In a video on Instagram, Nick and Joe explained that after their Broadway residency where they performed five albums over five nights, they planned to play five albums in one night at Yankee Stadium.
As they continued planning for their world tour, they asked themselves why they couldn’t play five albums each night in different cities. They are joyous to embark on this exciting and ambitious tour and celebrate their journey and latest project, The Album, with their fans.
The Tour will start on August 12 with two shows at Yankee Stadium in New York City. Over a couple of months, the musician brothers will be performing at a variety of venues across the States. This includes Wrigley Field in Chicago and Dodgers Stadium in LA. Moreover, the tour will be held in multiple cities before concluding after 35 shows on October 14 at the Kaseya Center in Miami, Florida.
The Jonas Brothers’ sixth studio album, The Album, set to release on May 12. They shared their thrill to celebrate its release on this tour. They promised to deliver an exciting show for their fans. Upon fans’ request, the band will play five albums in full each night.
The tour promises to be their most ambitious yet, showcasing their talent and hard work over the years. The Jonas Brothers are eagerly anticipating their tour and can’t wait to perform for their fans across the United States

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