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Rapper Imprisoned: Fetty Wap Given 6 Years Jail Sentenced

Fetty Wap at MTV Video Music Awards Source Evan Agostini Invision
Fetty Wap at MTV Video Music Awards Source Evan Agostini Invision

According to authorities, rapper Fetty Wap was given a six-year prison term on Wednesday for his involvement in a narcotics trafficking conspiracy.
Willie Junior Maxwell II, the rapper’s true name, admitted guilt to conspiracy to distribute and possess a controlled drug in August.
Between June 2019 and June 2020, Maxwell and his co-defendants had access to and disseminated more than 220 pounds of heroin, fentanyl, and crack cocaine.
According to prosecutors, the criminals bought the drugs on the West Coast and sent them to Suffolk County, New York, via the mail or by using chauffeurs who had secret compartments. According to court documents, the pills were subsequently transferred to dealers who sold them throughout New Jersey and on Long Island.
Prosecutors claim that the rapper was identified as a kilogram-level redistributor for the trafficking ring.
Maxwell has had prior run-ins with the authorities, including a Las Vegas arrest in 2019 for reportedly attacking three hotel-casino staff members. He was previously detained in November 2017 and accused of driving under the influence while drag racing on a New York City roadway, according to authorities.
The death of Fetty Wap’s brother was classified as a homicide: Prosecutor
In October 2020, Twyshon Depew, 26, was shot and died in their New Jersey city of Paterson, causing Maxwell to suffer a personal loss. Lauren, Maxwell’s 4-year-old daughter, passed away in June 2021.

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