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Panorama Music and Sony Music Publishing Unite to Elevate Indian Music

Sony Music and Panorama Music join hands to elevate indian music
Sony Music and Panorama Music join hands to elevate Indian music

An alliance between Panorama Music and Sony Music Publishing has been announced with the goal of promoting and growing Indian music internationally. The partnership between these two musical heavyweights marks a critical turning point in the global representation and acceptance of Indian music. Panorama and Sony Music Publishing are ready to open up new doors for Indian musicians, songwriters, and composers and launch them onto the international scene thanks to their combined knowledge and resources.

An important step towards putting Indian music on the international scene has been taken with the agreement between Panorama Music and Sony Music Publishing. These leaders in the industry hope to promote Indian music, introduce gifted performers to global audiences, and encourage cross-cultural partnerships by combining their respective skills. In addition to improving the reputation of Indian music, this collaboration provides a forum for cross-cultural dialogue and creative experimentation.

Panorama Music’s CEO said, “We are a young company with a lot of emerging talent. Joining hands with a powerhouse brand like SMP is the best way to take our music forward globally.”

Publishing Director of Sony Music India said, “Coming together Sony Music Publishing & Panorama Music association will be viewed as great collaboration between a global publishing leader and a young dynamic music content Indian company and hope to strengthen our partnership in times to come.”

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