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Kelly Clarkson Kicked Off Her Show With Van Morrison’s ‘Brown Eyed Girl’

The Kelly Clarkson Show- Kelly singing 'Brown Eyed Girl' by Van Morrson

Kelly Clarkson kicked off the Tuesday episode of her show The Kelly Clarkson Show with the style considered her best- Karaoke segment. In that segment, Clarkson tried one of his signature songs of Van Morison for the first time.  The Northern Irish singer ‘Brown Eyed Girl is also there in the top 10 Billboard Hot 100 Hit.

The performance of Kelly Clarkson backed by her band Y’all is stunning. To perform, she wore a purple floral gown which went so beautifully with the ambience of the stage. Her voice was soothing, calm, and relaxed.

She looked effortless while singing- ““Hey, where did we go?/ Days when the rains came/ Down in the hollow/ Playin’ a new game/ Laughin’ and a-runnin’…My brown-eyed girl/ And you, my brown-eyed girl.

Brown Eyed Girl was released shortly after the band Them split as the solo track of Morrison. They broke up in the year 1966, whereas the song was released in 1967. Later Morrison got into the Billboard Hot 100 for the track. Also, the song is listed as the second-highest charting song of the singer. Later in 1970, his other track ‘Dominos’ took over the highest position of the artist’s career.

The song has gained thousands of views and likes on YouTube within a few hours of its upload. Currently, she has around 2.41 million subscribers on YouTube. Netizens appreciate her singing in the video. A viewer commented, “ Thank you, Kelly, for bringing this song forward, especially to those who have never heard it before. I was my husbands-to-be’s Brown Eyed Girl. This song continued to be so special throughout the years. Thanks for the smiles of remembrance!”

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