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K-pop Girls Billlie Pauses All Activities following Moon Bin’s Demise

K-pop group Billlie Postpones all their activities for this week after the death of Moon Bin, the elder brother of member Moon Sua.

k pop group Billie postpones their actoivities after Moon Bin's death
k-pop group Billlie postpones their activities after Moon Bin’s death

The Girl Group of K-pop Billlie has held onto all their schedules after the death of K-pop star Moin-Bin. Moon was found dead in his apartment in Seoul on April 19. The septet K-pop group has Moon Sua who is the younger sister of Moon Bin.
Moon Sua is the eldest member of the group that also has Siyoon, Tsuki, Haram, Suhyeon, and Haruna.
Mystic Story, the Management agency and record label of Billlie announced with a post on the group’s official fan café. The agency announced the cancellation of the group’s all schedules including their fan singing event to another date in future.
The group can also pull out of their tv and broadcast appearance. Mystic Story also closed the announcement by asking the fans of Billlie for “generous understanding”
Moon Bin and Moon Sua debuted with a gap of five years. The siblings have well been recognized by the fans and viewers of K-pop worldwide. The news of the sudden demise of Moon Bin came as a shock for both their fans. Nobody expected the talented star’s demise so early.
The two shared stage for the cover of the K-pop track, “Candy in MY Ears”. Both sang in the track and performed.
Moon Sua often voice her appreciation for her brother. She also shared in a show called Knowing Bros that Moon Bin played the role of a mentor in her music career. She said, “Since he’s my senior, he gives me a lot of strict advice about the stage. I’m thankful for that.”
She also called him “the world’s best man.”

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