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Birthday Girl Mandy Moore and Her10 Truths

Mandy Moore is one of the most renowned music and acting celebrities in Hollywood. Her career in music is inspiring for youngsters. Known for her popular albums in the 90s, a film like A Walk to Remember and her most popular role in the tv series ‘This is Us, Mandy has turned 39 today. So, here is everything uncommon facts about her you need to know. 

Mandy‘s name is not Mandy

Her fans know what others don’t: her real name is not Mandy but Amanda Leigh Moore. Mandy is just a nickname of the artist. 

Mandy Moore toured with Backstreet Boys and NSYNC

Only the 90s kids know that the 38 turned actor and singer Mandy Moore was once a teen pop star. She toured with two popular boy bands the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. Reminding of those days, she shared an incident of Justin Timberlake scaring her for having big feet during a late-night show in 1999. 

A FedEx employee discovered her

The journey of the singing superstar has been tremendous since the beginning. What if I tell you that a FedEx delivery man found her when he heard her voice at the age of 13? He immediately sent the unfinished song to his friend at Epic Records. They liked it and ended up signing her.

Tattoo of sperm on her ankle

Sounds a bit awkward; Mandy Moore actually has a tattoo of sperm on her ankle. Explaining the reason for the tattoo, she said that the tattoo dated back a decade ago when all her bandmates had to share a shower. So, they set a ban on masturbating to set some limits. It seemed to be a joke then but they had ended up getting a tattoo to commemorate the tour. 

Mandy Moore was a fashion designer

Mandy Moore is a tall woman. She herself is 5’11’’. In 2005 she launched her own line that provided clothes to comparatively taller women. Her this venture went decent. However, she had to close her brand in 2009. 

But, the Fashion designer has remained a term added to her resume. 

Her grandmother inspired her to sing and act

Music ran in the family of Mandy Moore. Her grandmother, Eileen Friedman, was a professional ballerina in London. Talking about her Mandy spoke, “She was always my biggest fan, even as a kid…always thrilled to see me on the stage.” Her fans know very well how her grandmother inspired her in music.

Relationships with famous celebrities:

When it comes to her relationships, only a few people know names beyond Ryan Adams. Well, he was not the only celebrity she got into a relationship with. She also dated famous actors Wilmer Valderrama and Zach Braff. Stop, it’s not over yet, famous professional tennis player Andy Roddick had also been her boyfriend. 

She is one of the Disney princesses

It might be unknown to you but in 2010, Mandy starred in Tangled by Disney as Rapunzel. She voiced over the animated character. 

Mandy Attended the Stagedoor Manor in 2012 

Mandy attended the Stagedoor Manor in 2012 in which Natalie Portman was also a participant. Although they did not go camping together, they were part of the program. Other remarkable alums of the camp are Robert Downey Jr, Zach Braff, Lea Michele, and Bryce Dallas Howard. 

Mandy Moore has two kids and plans for the third

38-turned This Is Us alum is a mother of two sons-August (Gus) and Oscar (Ozzie). In an interview with E! News, while talking about balancing life with her babies, she said that she would love to have her third in the near future. She said, “Truth be told, I haven’t shut the door on a larger family”. It seems that Mandy really enjoys the phase of pregnancy and motherhood.

Entertaining the world over decades, Mandy has reached the summit of her career. Her musical excellence is inspiring for others. Global Music Times wishes her a very Happy Birthday and a more successful journey ahead. 

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