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American Idol Reveals Its Top 10 For 21st Season

American Idol Top 10 contestants list
American Idol Top 10 contestants list

The long-running talent competition American Idol has released the season’s top 10 performers for the twenty-first time. The top 10 contestants from season 21—who ranged in age from 17 to 25 and represented various genres—met with Billboard for the first in-depth interviews of their Idol careers.

Each hopeful entered an office at Red Studios in Hollywood one at a time, where they were asked about their life and musical journey so far, their goals, and their experiences on American Idol. Even though they were asked questions individually and privately, they all cited the same former cast members as their all-time favorite idols.

Season 1 champion The most mentions went to Kelly Clarkson, who currently leads a popular daytime TV show on NBC. Fantasia, the season 3 winner, and EGOT were also mentioned.

The showrunner and executive producer Megan Michaels Wolflick recently interviewed with Billboard and said, “If you come on the show, you’re part of the American Idol alumni. You are part of our history. This show has changed lives in so many different ways.”

He further added, “I think American Idol is now like the NFL, where people train their lives to come on the show. It’s now bigger than a TV show. It’s something you can aspire to be a part of — young singers are born every day.”

Here are the Billboard interviews with the season 21 top 10 finalists.

1. Wé Ani

2. Marybeth Byrd

3. Megan Danielle

4. Haven Madison

5. Warren Peay

6. Zachariah Smith

7. Oliver Steele

8. Colin Stough

9. Iam Tongi

10. Tyson Venegas

Read their full interview on Billboard official page. 

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