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Why Is ‘High Infidelity’ Trending On Twitter On April 29

Swifties trend the words ‘High Infidelity Day” on Twitter and wish those who celebrate

Swifties trend high infidelity day on twitter

Taylor Swift’s “High Infidelity” trended on Twitter for the first time on the 29th of April, after being released almost half a year ago. To the disappointment of some fans of REO Speedwagon who initially thought Hi Infidelity was probably rediscovered on April 29.

Taylor Swift in High Infidelity asks, “Do you really wanna know where I was April 29th? Do I really have to chart the constellations in his eyes”? The track is a bonus track from Swift’s extended Midnights (3am Edition) album. 

Swift’s fans are clever and quick enough to make memes and posts on Twitter on Saturday. There are hilarious, shocking as well as celebratory tweets that mark it as a holiday to celebrate the day for her fandom.

One Twitter user commented, “I can’t believe April 29 never existed until taylor swift invented it.” Another fan tweeted, “My nephew being born on high infedility Day,” with shocked emojis.

Most prevalent tweets are referencing the common guess. Taylor may perform ‘High Infidelity’ for the first time in her The Eras Tour to observe the high infidelity day. Some got anxiety about their high hopes for this to happen too soon.

One user asked, “When Taylor doesn’t perform High Infidelity on April 29th because everyone is assuming she’s going to and the whole point of a surprise song is that it’s a surprise.”

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