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Watch Olivia Rodrigo’s Mysterious ‘Vampire’ Video Teaser

Olivia Rodrigo dropped teaser of her latest song Vampire
Olivia Rodrigo dropped teaser of her latest song Vampire

Fans are eagerly awaiting Olivia Rodrigo’s soon-to-be-released new single “Vampire,” and fortunately for them, the pop diva has already offered a visual preview of the song.

Within a very short span, Rodrigo has made her stance in the music world as well as in the hearts of million fans. Fans have waited a lot for her song. With the clip dropped, she ended the wait of her devotees.

A thumping electric guitar-filled excerpt from “Vampire” can be heard while Rodrigo is shown through a camera monitor resting on a patch of grass in a YouTube Shorts teaser released on Tuesday (June 27). She is wearing a dark red lip colour similar to the one she has on the GUTS cover art. The 20-year-old singer is engulfed in a blue-green haze as the song progresses.

Just one day before the premiere of the newest “Vampire” sneak peek, Rodrigo shocked fans by announcing the release date (Sept. 8) and cover art for her sophomore album, GUTS, in a post on social media.

“I made the bulk of this album during my 19th year on this earth,” Olivia Rodrigo spoke in a statement came shortly after. “A year that, for me, was filled with lots of confusion, mistakes, awkwardness & good old fashioned teen angst.”

Rodrigo shared the cover image for “Vampire” in a similar social media post two weeks earlier when he first made the song official. Since then, she has kept fans in the loop by sporadically releasing information about the single, including a few lines and what some believe to be a little excerpt of the song’s instrumentals.

“so excited for Friday!!!” Olivia captioned the Insta clip. “here’s a first look with @YouTube Shorts 💜💜💜 #vampireOR2.”

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