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Top 10 Offline Music Apps For Android And IOS In India 2023

Top 10 offline music apps in 2023 for android and ios
Top 10 offline Music Apps In 2023 For Android And IOS

Music has a unique place in our hearts, especially in a nation like India, which is so diverse and lively. It encourages us in happy times, comforts us in sad ones, and ties us to our rich cultural history. With the development of technology, music streaming has become a crucial aspect of our life, allowing us to instantly access a huge library of tunes. However, our dependency on internet access might occasionally make it difficult for us to listen to music nonstop.

But don’t worry! In this article, we offer you a mellow approach to continue listening to music even when Wi-Fi signals are weak or data use reaches a limit. Yes, we’re referring to apps that let you stream music offline so you can listen to your favourite songs without worrying about a solid internet connection or using up all of your data.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable musical experience as a result. Join us as we explore the top offline music apps available in India, allowing you to listen to your favourite music whenever and wherever you like. Keep the music playing for free and without interruption!

1. Musify

Musify is an excellent example of a music streaming service that does not require you to subscribe to its premium edition in order to download music. Users of the app can download songs from its library on their devices for free offline listening.

It essentially functions as a community where enthusiasts and artists may exchange their works with one another. Initially, a website where users could download free ringtones, Musify now allows users to discover new music and even listen to it offline. Visit Musify’s official website to learn more!

2. Google Play Music

Even if you don’t have a subscription to the service, the native music player for Android is a fantastic alternative if you want to listen to music for free through offline music apps. After all, your device makes it simple to play any music files you have stored there.

That is, you can use this programme to play your tracks if you also get them from one of these free music download websites. On your Android device’s Play Store or your iOS device’s App Store, download it right away! In many Android devices, the app is installed by default.


AIMP can be the best option for you if you enjoy editing your music and applying different equalisations. It can play MP3, OGG, WMA, and many other formats, but its only goal is to play songs that have already been downloaded and saved to your device’s storage.

You may listen to your music in various ways thanks to its outstanding 29-frequency equaliser. The best part of all is that you can use all of its options with ease because to its user-friendly interface. Install AIMP right away on your Android device!

4. Shazam

Shazam, one of the oldest and most well-known apps in the Apple ecosystem, is unique from all the other choices on this list in that it allows you to identify songs rather than play them. Consider the scenario where you’re in a pub and a song you enjoy starts playing, but you’re unable to recall either the song’s title or even the artist!

In situations like this, you may simply launch Shazam to “listen” to what is playing and learn who is singing as well as the track name. The song can then be found and downloaded using any of the available platforms. Shazam is accessible on iOS and Android devices.

5. YouTube Go

You can download YouTube videos with this unique, official software so you can watch them while you’re not connected. Despite the fact that YouTube does not have a dedicated music-listening app, it is important to note that its library of music videos is enormous.

Because of this, YouTube Go is included in our list of free apps for offline music listening. It is a unique Android software that enables you to download your videos in the quality of your choice. To download it, click on this link.

6. Jet Audio

JetAudio, one of the most adaptable music players on our list of the best apps to listen to music offline for free, allows you to listen to music in compressed formats, which uses less space on your phone.

Additionally, it includes a full equaliser with 10 bands and 32 presets. In addition, you can change the playback speed and other options. Both iOS and Android users can access JetAudio.

7. Music Player

Music Player, which has an unmistakably evident name, is unquestionably among the best music players you can discover. Its stunning user interface makes for an incredible listening experience. It was created by InShot, which also makes one of the top apps for adding text to videos.

You can play all song formats on it, including MP3, MIDI, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and APE, and it has an integrated equaliser. You can even get widgets, a sleep timer, and a full search feature with this programme! Visit the Play Store by clicking this link to download.

8. Rocket Player

One of the earliest apps for free offline music listening is this one. Additionally, Rocket Player has a 10-band equaliser with a tonne of preset options, a variety of themes from which to pick to personalise the app’s appearance, and the ability to use Chromecast.

A premium edition of Rocket Player is available for just $0.99 USD. This version eliminates all advertisements and adds some new features including track transitions and volume normalisation to ensure that all songs are played at roughly the same volume. Visit the Play Store by clicking this link to learn more about Rocket Player.

9. PowerAmp

Poweramp, one of the most well-known apps on our list, is yet another Android-only app. It offers customers the option of employing a 10-band equaliser and the ability to modify the highs and lows of their tunes right within the app.

It supports a number of file types, including WAV, FLAC, MP3, and many more. Visit the Google Play Store by clicking the link for more information on Poweramp.

10. Pulsar

Pulsar is a formidable rival of Poweramp. Both of them are really well-liked for offering a wide range of features, but Pulsar has the advantage because it supports Google Chromecast and even has integration with the musical social network

You may customise the playback speed of your favourite songs, add the lyrics to them, and even use voice commands to manage this programme, among many other features. Download it straight away from the App Store or Play Store.

In conclusion, music enthusiasts looking for constant access to their favourite songs have the ideal solution in India’s offline music streaming apps. Users may make customised playlists, find new music, and download tracks for offline listening with the help of these free apps. These apps make sure that the melodies never stop, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of music whenever and wherever you are, whether you’re commuting, travelling, or just unwinding. Say goodbye to data and internet restrictions, and let the rhythm guide you as you explore the diverse tapestry of Indian and world music.

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