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Hail Storm At Louis Tomlinson’s Red Rocks Concert 7 Hospitalized, Injured Dozens

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Tomlinson tweeted, “Devastated about the show tonight, hope everyone’s ok, I’ll be back! “Even though we didn’t play the show I felt all of your passion! Send you all love!”Louis Tomlinson- Source The SpectatorA sudden hailstorm happened during Louis Tomlinson's solo performance at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Wednesday (June 21), sending audience members running for cover. When hail up to the size of tennis balls showered down on the crowd at the Morrison, Colorado open-air arena, seven individuals were taken to a nearby hospital for injuries, and scores more were treated on the spot, according to Denver's 9 News.Several hours after the incident that caused the show's opening to be postponed after a significant delay, Tomlinson tweeted, “Devastated about the show tonight, hope e...