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“Seven” By Jungkook Review: BTS member Jungkook sings flawlessly with his velvety voice

Jungkook shines in ‘Seven’ official music video, showcasing flawless vocals, he shows his potential as a solo singer again after ‘Dreamers’.

Seven official MV by Jungkook Review
Seven official MV by Jungkook Review

Jungkook, the newest BTS member, debuted his most recent solo single, Seven, on Friday. Hybe Labels uploaded the music video starring actor Han So-hee and singer Jungkook to its YouTube channel. Latto, an American rapper, is also featured in the song and music video.  Yesterday, HYBE Labels released the official teaser of the music video. The hype has been at its peak ever since the trailer was released.

Seven stars Jungkook and So-hee

In the lengthy video, which lasts for more than three minutes, Jungkook is shown wooing Han So-hee by pledging to ‘love her seven days a week. As So-hee becomes irate with Jungkook, they are shown on the video sitting at a table in a restaurant. Chaos ensues, yet they are totally absorbed in each other. While Jungkook is being yelled at by So-hee, he attempts to explain his feelings for her.

Jungkook makes every effort to help So-hee

Then, while So-hee rides inside a train, Jungkook dangles from the window. He makes his way across the train’s roof while singing to her. In the next scene, Jungkook sings to So-hee while she does her laundry. He keeps singing even as the room fills with neck-deep water before being shooed out by So-hee.

Talking about the song, it is a beautifully composed track with great visuals where Jungkook is shown to put every effort to get her love back again. The vocal versatility takes the song to another level. Jungkook puts every ounce of effort to convince the girl which is even reflected even in his voice. A brilliant and beautiful part of the song video was when Jungkook surprised Han So Hee by opening the casket and revealing his continued existence.

Since BTS went on sabbatical last year, Jungkook has released two solo albums. The most recent is Seven. Dreamers, a song by the singer that was featured on the official soundtrack for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, was previously released.

Global Music Times Rates It

4.6/5 *

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