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Jasleen Royal Called Indian Music Labels “Most Exploitative” On Twitter

Jasleen Royal Tweeted, “Sick of how music labels work in India!…”

Jasleen Royal- Source TOI
Jasleen Royal- Source TOI

A well-known singer, Jasleen Royal, who has achieved success with songs like “Ranjha,” “Nachde Ne Saare,” and “Din Shagna Da,” recently voiced her displeasure on Twitter with how Indian record labels operate. In an open essay, she blasted the labels, asserting that they are not supportive of artists at all but rather are predatory.

It seems Jasleen is not happy about the way the big music labels exploit music artists. She took to Twitter and wrote, “Sick of how music labels work in India! They never lose a single  opporunity to say how artist friendly they are but in reality they are the most exploitative. All the artists who are reading this please wait and consult before selling your songs to labels and films. Know your rights and value before you sign. She wrote with a #EmpoweringArtists

Many artists even the renowned and respected veterans have complained about the same before and many times. From Sonu Nigam to Armaan Malik all pointed at the toxic and exploitative atmosphere of Indian Music Scene.

In a Podcast Called “Beer Biceps”, Arman said that no artist is paid for the song they sing. However, he said that singers should be paid a minimum remuneration as they have given their best to make the song.

One person commented on the necessity for songwriters to maintain ownership of their works and grant music labels a licence in response to the tweet, which started a conversation among Twitter users. Jasleen Royal agreed, pointing out that the problem is more intricate and multi-layered than it may appear at first.

A Twitter user even asked a question, “Why sell at all. Songs should be owned by Composers and only licensed to Music labels. But sadly due to lack of awareness and eagerness to get work in early days, the artist make such mistakes. Know your Copyrights, and protect your creation.”

To answer, Royal replied, “Agreed. But there are too many layers to that.

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