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Ed Sheeran Gave His First Interview After Victory In Legal Battle Over Song Copyright

Ed Sheeran, on May 5, delivered his first interview after winning the legal tussle over the song ‘Thinking out loud’ copyright case against Marvin Gaye
The late Ed Townsend, who wrote and produced the song “Let’s Get It On” with Marvin Gaye, and who was one of the plaintiffs in the case, is the father of Kathryn Townsend Gryphon.
The English singer and songwriter said on the show, “The one thing that felt like the biggest win for me was, afterwards, Kathryn Griffin Townsend and her family and everyone came up to me, hugged me and said, ‘We believe you.”
Ed continued the court case that blamed to have allegedly stolen lyrics from Marvin Gaye’s 1973 hit “Let’s Get It On” by the co-producer Ed Townsend.
This case began in 2014 and had “overshadowed” other significant events of his life. This includes his debut documentary Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All and the release of his most recent album.
Sheeran testified in his defence during the trial. He provided his perspective and lessons about how songs are made using the base of lyrics and chords that might be similar to other songs sometimes.
He’s now ready to focus on moving on and celebrating the debut of his music and docuseries. It is currently available on Disney+. Ed Sheeran told Duran, “I very much see the two things as coming hand in hand.
Adding to his statement, he said, “You know, the documentary goes with the album and the album goes with the documentary. ‘Cause the last thing I want to do is bring more attention to my personal life, but I felt that opening up that door gave more context to the record.”

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